1.  How do I contact SPGF?

The best contact method is through email.   Our email address is [email protected]

If you have an Incident during a game or a Complaint about the Softball Complex Facility, please fill out our online Incident form and it will get routed to the correct person.  It can be found under the Coach/Player Resources tab

2. How do I register my daughter to play?
We have a new online registration portal this year.  We no longer offer registrations through a paper form.  All Players must register individually due to the collection of agreements and waivers that are being signed electronically.  You can click on the link below to begin the process.


3.  What if I don’t have a computer or internet access to register?
We have a walkup registration where we will have computers available for you to use, but that is only for Spring registration.

4.  How much is Registration and do you offer a payment plan?
Spring 2023, the cost of registration is:
Division 6u: $120
Divisions 8u, 10u, 12u, 14u: $160

We accept Credit/Debit cards only with online registration

We do not have a payment plan at this time.

We do not accept Cash.

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept personal checks. Ask us about alternative payment methods.

5.  Do you offer any Sponsorship discounts.

Yes.   For 2023 If you bring a sign sponsor to the league, You will receive half off your registration fees.  Contact a Board member for details.

6. What are your Age Divisions and how are they determined?
All age divisions are based on the player’s age as of January 1st of the current year.
6u – (Pixie) –  Ages 4 – 6
8u – (Coach Pitch) – Ages 7 – 8
10u – Ages 9 – 10
12u – Ages 11 – 12
14u – Ages 13 – 14

7.  What are the Dates for the 2023 Spring Season? (All Date subject to Change due to number of Girls that register and Teams that play.)

Dates will be updated once registration closes.

We usually play games on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays.   Wednesdays are reserved for makeup games due to weather cancellation or other scheduling conflicts.

8. Do you notify us about game cancellations due to weather or other events? 

Yes,    Please register for our Free** Texting Service.   Text     SPGF   to    555888

Any League News, Reminders, and Game Cancellations due to weather or other events  will be announced through this texting service FIRST.  **Depending on your carrier and texting plan, Standard text messaging rates will apply.

And as time allows, we will update our website, www.spgfsoftball.com , our facebook page www.facebook.com/SouthPlainsGirlsFastpitch  and our Instagram account  @spgflubbockyouth

9.  What bats are legal to use with SPGF?

Contact a board member for current bat details.

All bats for All Divisions must be free from any defects (dents, rattles, etc) that might make the bat dangerous to use.

10.  Can I attend a Board Meeting?
Yes.  All Board Meetings are open to the public.  We encourage anyone that wants to get involved with SPGF, to please attend these meetings,  we are always looking for help with SPGF’s day to day activities.   The date, time and location of meetings are posted on our website www.spgfsoftball.com

11.  Can I Umpire in your league?
Yes,  Please email us at  [email protected]   we will send your information to our UIC and he will get in contact with you with more information.