Practice Reservations

This year, SPGF will be Assigning User id’s and passwords to ALL Head Coaches of each team.  This will allow each team the opportunity to utilize the reservation system.   The User id’s have been created and emailed to the head coach for the 2022 SPRING BALL session.   If you did not receive one, please email [email protected] to confirm your email address that was used when you signed up your team.


    • It is SPGF’s policy that only current league teams have priority and are allowed to reserve fields for practice. Any other teams who want to practice can use a field on a “first come first serve” basis, only if it is not being used by a current league team. Current League teams who come out to use a field on a “first come first served” basis that did not reserve a field, have priority over a non-league team. (and may ask the non-league team to leave).  Current League Teams are defined as current teams that are registered and playing in the current SPGF season.  Teams that played in the Spring do not have access to reserve fields during the Fall Ball Season and Fall Ball Teams do not have access to reserve fields during the Spring Ball season.
  • TWO time slot per week (MONDAY thru SUNDAY)   Please limit your 2 time slots reservation to ONLY 1 weekend reservation (Saturday or Sunday).  This will be on the Honor System.  If we find someone abusing this policy, your privileges for reserving fields will be removed.
  • You will only be allowed to book up to 7 days in advance. Beyond that, those days will not be available.
  • Coaches must clear their teams off the field BY the end of the time allotted. The next team MUST be able to start at their appointed time. Teams that violate this policy will lose the privilege of practicing at the fields.
  • No bases, machines or lights are available
  • On weeknights, teams may practice until dark (no lights will be provided)
  • Please clean up all trash from dugouts and stands.  Teams that violate this will lose the privilege of reserving fields
  • Please report any non-league teams practicing to the complex coordinator, the League President.  No other leagues are permitted to practice at our complex, girls OR boys.
  • Please print out and carry a copy of the reservation schedule to your practice.
  • Please HONOR the policies of the league. Be respectful of the next coach to use the field and by all means, please take care of our facilities.  Using the facilities is a privilege, not a right.
  • Help our field maintenance whenever you can; pick up rocks from the infield if you can. Empty your water can on the batter box or pitchers circle.  These things help make the fields better for everyone.

Keep in mind that there will be some days that are blocked out for tournaments during the month. Once April begins, we will reduce the practice time to just Saturday and Sundays that do not coincide with tournaments.

Direct any questions, comments, complaints to [email protected] or the appropriate board member ( a list of emails are located under the “Coach/Player Resources” tab.

Once you make your reservation, you can change / update / and delete the reservation up to 1 Day in advance. If you need to reschedule your reservation, within 1 day, Please email [email protected] with your request. Your request must be made BEFORE your original reservation start time.

Click “Book Now” button to reserve a field.

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